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The Iowa Homemaker vol.25, no.6 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 25, Issue 6

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Clothes With an Eye Toward Careers
( 2017-07-24) Kobler, Rae ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Select college clothes with an eye toward their future use and versatility in the career world, Rae Kobler of Quaker Oats Company advises.

Broadcast Designing Enriches Homemaking Programs
( 2017-07-24) Wagner, Jane ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Jane Tiffany Wagner, '27, Director of Home Economics for NBC, pictures radio home economics in a reprint from American Cookery

Diploma Dilemma
( 2017-07-24) Nichols, Betsy ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Less than half of our home economics freshmen graduate from Iowa State. Betsy Nichols discusses the current diploma dilemma

Students Earn While They Learn
( 2017-07-24) Keen, Harriet ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Many home economics women are earning as well as learning at Iowa State with some of them receiving financial aid and gaining practical experience at the same time.

What Shall My Major Be?
( 2017-07-24) Compton Reed, Rita ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Deciding on their specialized field is a problem which 60 percent of home economics students meet during their first quarter at Iowa State. By the end of the third quarter 20 percent still have not chosen their major. The Iowa State Testing Bureau, directed by John L. Holmes, assistant director of personnel, is a service which advises many of these women.