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Iowa State University Veterinarian: Volume 4, Issue 3

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( 1942) Iowa State University Digital Repository

This isthe last issue of Volume four. Like the Class of '42, present at the debut of the first volume four years ago, The Veterinary Student is ready to enter a new phase of its existance. Volume five will be published as four issues with a new summer number released in August.

Perforated Umbilical Hernia in a Foal
( 1942) Hatch, Ray ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The animal, a crossbred Belgian, was first seen on January 15, 1942, at which time there was evidence of colic with much pain. The hernial sac was hard, distended, and there was some edema of the surrounding tissue. The sac was oval in outline and about 10 by 6 inches in size. There was much pain on pressure over the area, the pulse rate was 60-70 per minute but regular and strong, the temperature was 102.5. A diagnosis of strangulated hernia was made and as attempts at manual reduction were in vain the owner was advised to dispose of the animal .

B.T. V. in Hog Cholera
( 1942) Boynton, William ; Woods, Gladys ; Wood, F. ; Casselberry, N. ; Dykstra, L. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Hog cholera tissue vaccine is a product made under stringent regulation of the United States Bureau of Animal Industry, and distributed under license specifying "for field trial use by qualified veterinarians only."

Interprofessional Relations
( 1942) Feldman, William ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Medicine may be defined as the science and art pertaining to the prevention, cure or alleviation of disease. These principles or objectives apply regardless of whether we are concerned with human medicine or veterinary medicine. Not only is it possible to merge these two professions in a common definition, but actually in a very practical sense these two medical sciences are so interrelated that to obtain a knowledge of one it is necessary either consciously or unconsciously to utilize important information that has accumulated in relation to the other.

Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Horse and Cow
( 1942) Calhoun, W. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

On March 31, 1942 an eight-year-old Hereford cow was admitted to the clinic. No history of the case was obtained.