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The Iowa Homemaker vol.18, no.8 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 18, Issue 8

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Food for Thought
( 2017-05-24) Dahlberg, Ruth ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Keeping posted on the news in the field of foods and nutrition is about as difficult a task as keeping posted on the European situation. Here are a few questions that still pop up and start arguments. Try your luck. If in doubt as to the answer you will find it at the end of this article.

Give Your Wardrobe Nine Lives
( 2017-05-24) Overholt, Ethel ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

"It's smart to be thrifty" is a well known and appreciated slogan for coeds on any campus where clothing must be selected not only for its appearance but also for suitability and wearing quality.

Calling on a Kitchen
( 2017-05-24) Cooley, Lydia ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Variety, they say is the spice of life-and life in the Martha Logan Test Kitchen of Swift & Company is indeed well spiced with variety! Hams, poultry, roasts, steaks, fancy meats, cheese, butter, eggs, ice cream, shortening and soap, are all part of the days work.

The Iowa Homemaker vol.18, no.8
( 2017-05-24) Weinel, Marian ; Cooley, Lydia ; Iverson, Alvina ; Stallings, Jane ; Dahlberg, Ruth ; Dodds, Katherine ; Schweiker, Virginia ; Pettinger, Marjorie ; Davis, Betty ; Howie, Ruth ; Overholt, Ethel ; Gutz, Marian ; Cannon, Winnifred ; Feyder, Betty ; Strohmeier, Grace ; Thomas, Margaret ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Follow the Leaders by Marian Weinel, page 1

Calling on a Kitchen by Lydia Cooley, page 2

We’re Throwing Bouquets by Alvina Iverson, page 3

Home Economics on the Air by Jane Stallings, page 4

Food for Thought by Ruth Dahlberg, page 5

Style for Everybody by Katherine Dodds, page 6

Making Friends Under Ten by Virginia Schweiker, page 7

What’s New in Home Economics edited by Marjorie Pettinger, page 8

Up-to-Date Dates by Betty Davis, page 10

School Marm for Six Weeks by Ruth Howie, page 11

Give Your Wardrobe Nine Lives by Ethel Overholt, page 12

Spreads Via Ingenuity by Marian Gutz, page 13

Behind Bright Jackets edited by Winnifred Cannon, page 14

Textile Wise? By Betty Feyder, page 14

Alums in the News by Grace Strohmeier, page 15

Tables Don Fine Feathers by Margaret Thomas, page 16

Keeping Posted by the editor, page 17

Making Friends Under Ten
( 2017-05-24) Schweiker, Virginia ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

One need not take courses in child psychology or spend time studying in order to make friends with and influence children. As sincerity is quite necessary in winning adult friends , so it is in making friends with children. Children readily detect any studied effort to please them and are perhaps among the first to notice sham or pretense, for their experiences have trained them to watch for the first signs of insincerity. Conversely, one should not be too stiff with them, for they are interesting individuals well worth knowing, though you may have to make the first few advances. Informality and sincerity are the two major points to remember in dealing with children.