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Attractive~ Tho Inexpensive Hangings
( 2017-03-31) Heidbreder, Grace ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The coming of fall brings the usual routine housecleaning and with it the desire for new hangings.. It has always been a simple enough problem for the woman with unlimited means to purchase attractive hangings for her home. The time was when the limited purse bought only the plainest white curtains, and as a result the room lacked personality. Today an entirely different situation exists. It is possible now to make attractive hangings at a nominal cost.

Norwegian Cookery
( 2017-03-31) Rayness, Ethel ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Considerable interest has been shown in foreign cookery in this country. Our adventuresome taste buds have become accustomed to and enjoy a chopseuy now and then.

A Vision Come True
( 2017-03-31) Peterson, Eveleth ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

"A building that is feminine without in any way suggesting weakness - one that has a grace, a charm, and a dignity but rarely found;" such will be the long-looked-for Home Economics building which is soon to be begun.

Who's There and Where
( 2017-03-31) Putnam, Helen ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Mrs. Bernice Blackwood, '12, executive secretary or the Advertising Specialty association with offices in Chicago, sailed for London July 3 to attend the twentieth annual convention of the Associated Advertising Clubs of the World, which was held from July 14 to 18. Mrs. Blackwood has attracted a: good deal of attention by her production of the moving picture film, "The Way to Success," and by her ac:tivity in connection with the Association. She took the film wit:1 her as a means of advertising the work of her Association. Her trip to London may truly be taken as a tribute to her ability in advertising.

Glimpses Into Child Problems
( 2017-03-31) Herr, Helen ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

If you had come around the corner of the Home Economics Annex any morning this spring I wonder if you would have been surprised to hear the merry song or "Here we go round the Mulberry Bush," or to have seen, if you had peeked in the door, eager faces bent over such fascinating work as modelling a bear or cutting out a picture. These workers are our very youngest college students, but perhaps the whole affair would need an explanation.