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Modern silo construction Bulletin: Volume 9, Issue 100

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Modern silo construction
( 2017-08-03) Davidson, J. ; King, M. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

The unusual demand for Bulletin 100, the first edition of which has been exhausted for some time, would indicate that silo construction is of great interest to the farmers of Iowa and adjoining states. There are no important changes in this edition It is possible, however, at this time to give more definite information in regard to the Iowa silo, constructed of vitrified clay blocks or building tile, the design of which was presented for the first time in the first edition of this bulletin. Special attention is invited to this new type of silo, as it has developed further and has been found to possess more merit than at first conceived by the authors.

The importance and value of the silo in furnishing succulent food for dairy cows and other farm animals is now being more generally appreciated. Only a trial is necessary to convince stock raisers in the corn belt that silage is an economical feed for the production of beef as well as for the production of milk. Silage when included in the ration for steers makes it more palatable, and in this manner is an active agent in bringing about more rapid gains. Also, in many cases well preserved silage has been found a cheap and successful feed for sheep, swine and horses.