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The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 1, Issue 3

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Why Do You Buy Your Hat?
( 2017-02-07) Kingery, Margaret ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Whether it be a spring, summer, fall or winter hat, buy it because it is becoming to you in every way and not because it is cheap. or fashionable, or pretty or a French model. Of course all of these features may enter into the decision but if the hat is unbecoming it will never be right, in spite of all of its good points. The average girl or woman is better looking without her bat on, usually because she hasn't taken time enough to really reason out the kind of a hat which is best suited to her.

Carrie Chapman Catt Returns to Iowa State College
( 2017-02-07) Jordan, Clara ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

If anyone had told the tall, blue-eyed, fun-loving young graduate of Iowa State during her first year of teaching at Sigourney, Iowa, that she would some day return to her Alma Mater to deliver the annual commencement address, she most likely would have enjoyed a good laugh at their erpense. But fate entered so romantically into the life of Carrie Land that she is no longer the teacher of Sigourney but she is the world famous Carrie Chapman Catt, the international leader in the woman's movement.

A Neighborhood Playground
( 2017-02-07) Beard, Juanita ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

We wish to introduce you to a. strange creature. It resists classification and analysis. It has a tousley mat of indifferent colored hair surmounting a defiant freckled face. Water it abhors except in ponds full. When it comes into the house, it topples over chairs and bric-a-brac. Its limbs are too short for its body and its clothes too short for its limbs. When it tries to talk its voice sometimes goes up and sometimes down. Taken all together, it is not ornamental nor particularly useful. The abode of civilization is no place for it Its natural occupation is hunting, fishing or fighting; its habitation Is the fields and woods. It Imagines itself an Indian and belongs to a tribe who go on plundering expeditions against its enemies.

Little Frocks for Little Tots
( 2017-02-07) Elder, Mildred ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Were we to have a summer fashion show of little tots In various kinds or wearing apparel, there would be on display practically every material which can be purchased at the dry goods counters, for there are almost no restrictions on the fabrics which may be used for children's clothes this season.

Summer Salad Possibilities
( 2017-02-07) Bailey, Beth ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Let me see your ice box and I can tell you the kind of meals you serve! I can tell you whether or not I feel sorry !or your family these bot summer days. Will the inspection excite the fagged summer appetite? In other words what are the salad possibilities of your ice box.