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Iowa Farm Science: Volume 6, Issue 5

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Marketing Alfalfa-Brome Through Steers
( 1951-11-01) Scholl, J. ; McDonald, C. ; Heady, Earl ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

With greater acreages of grasses and legumes comes a problem-that of finding a profitable market for this forage. What are the best ways to manage pastures and cattle to get highest returns? Here's a report on our profress so far.

LP-Gas for Tractors
( 1951-11-01) Yoerger, Roger ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

There's been a lot of discussion on the use of LP-Gas (bottled gas) for farm tractors. A few farmers are using it. This article reports the results of some research on its use made of Iowa State College.

New Finishes -- Better Fabrics
( 1951-11-01) Roberson, Opal ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Some of the special treatments being given today's fabrics are worth asking for and worth paying for. But looks for tags- you can't tell by appearance alone.

Who Gets the Family Farm?
( 1951-11-01) Timmons, John ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Will your farm make trouble for your children after your death? Take the necessary action now to make sure it remains a going concern.

Help Our Young Folks Help Themselves
( 1951-11-01) Geiger, Harlan ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

What kind of recreation and entertainment do rural young people between the ages of 16 and 25 enjoy most? And do the activities now available to rural young people satisfy their needs.