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New Techniques to Modify Pork Fats Promote Better Health
( 2015-08-28) Jensen, Helen ; Beitz, Donald ; Jensen, Helen ; Center for Agricultural and Rural Development

Mounting scientific evidence establishing the link between adverse health consequences and the consumption of fat and fat rich in saw rated fatty acids (saturated fat) has prompted leading health organizations to recommend decreasing the consumption of total and sam rated faL

Bulletin on Farm Bill Compromise—the "Agricultural Reconciliation Act of 1995"
( 2015-08-28) Meyers, William ; Center for Agricultural and Rural Development

As we go to press, the House and Senate Republicans have reached compromise language on most of the farm programs issues in the budget reconciliation bill . Dairy provisions remain unresolved and apparently will be decided later. Democrats were not involved in the conference, so it remains to be seen how this and other items in the reconciliation bill will be influenced by negotiations wi th the Clinton Administration. The authorization bill will be the final word on the farm program, butt his is not likely to be completed until 1996.

Meet the Staff
( 2015-08-28) Center for Agricultural and Rural Development

What does a systems support specialist at FAPRI do? Or rather, what doesn't she do? Just ask Karen Kovarik who has been managing and occasionally juggling FAPRI's economic information resources since October, 1993.

Comparing the House and Senate Farm Bill Proposals
( 2015-08-28) Meyers, William ; Smith, Darnell ; Elmore, Steven ; Center for Agricultural and Rural Development

Prior to the compromise just announced (see page 6), an analysis was done of the basic provisions o£ the "Agricultural Reconciliation Act of 1995" (ARA95) proposed by the Committee on Agriculture in the House of Representatives, and the version from the Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry Ln the Senate. The bills were quite different, but both were constructed to comply with the new budget guidelines. Despite the recent compromise, the final outcome still remains uncertain.

What's Ahead for Iowa's Crops?
( 2015-08-28) Elmore, Steven ; Smith, Darnell ; Center for Agricultural and Rural Development

Late autumn is a very important time for Iowa's agriculture. The. harvest is in and the next year's cropping decisions are being made. These decisions are made yearly, but with an eye to future planting decisions. Historically, these decisions have been based on market economics and the programs under past farm bills. With the looming probability of a new seven-year farm bill, the impact from each of the factors that goes into cropping decisions has changed in importance.