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Alumni News
( 1965) Iowa State University Digital Repository
Cutaneous Manifestations of Canine Hypothyroidism
( 1966) Mallo, Gary ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Hypothyroidism is but one of the endocrine disturbances which may result in dermatosis. The interrelationships of the various endocrine organs, as far as is known, is extremely complex. Dermatologic manifestations may result from malfunctions of the pituitary, adrenals and gonads as well as the thyroid.

An Experimentally Induced Case of Acute Nitrate Toxicity
( 1965) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Nitrate toxicity in ruminants has caused a great deal of interest in the past few years, and many articles have appeared in various journals dealing with this problem. However, various investigators have arrived at so many different conclusions that it is difficult to know just when nitrate poisoning is or is not a problem.

Embryonic and Fetal Mortality in the Porcine Species
( 1965) Evans, L. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The occurrence of embryonic and fetal mortality in the porcine species has continued to challenge those pursuing its epidemiology. While sporadic and endemic field cases are continually studied, a pantoscopic approach to this problem is difficult to achieve. This failure is due partly to the fact that multiple etiological agents are involved as well as the fact that less than 50% of the abortions and stillbirth cases are properly identified with a recognized etiological agent.

Book Review
( 1965) Froelich, Robert ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Review of :

Canine Opthalmology, 1st. edition August 1965, by William G. Magrane. 240 pages; illustrated-75 in color. Lea and Feabiger, 600 S. Washington Square, Philadelphia, Pa. Price: $18.00.