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Iowa State University Veterinarian: Volume 5, Issue 2

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The Dog Enlists
( 1942) McIntire, J. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Mna's best friend is following his master to war. The use of the dog in war is not new. During the first World War, dogs were used extensively by both sides for various essential tasks, both at the front and behind the lines. Today on the fighting fronts which stretch around the world, the dog is again fighting beside his master.

Inguinal Oophorectomy
( 1942) Reinertson, Kenneth ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The spay operation to be described was observed at an army post during the past summer. Although the description is made with the full permission of the Commanding Officer and the operating surgeon, army regulations do not permit names or places to be published.

( 1942) Iowa State University Digital Repository
Veterinary Medicine in China
( 1942) Woo, Chi-tang ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The profession of veterinary medicine in old China was not properly respected. However, in the new China the government has been paying much attention to the livestock industry. During the past decade, several institutions designed for veterinary science research and the manufacture of biological products have been set up by the government; veterinary courses have been added to several agricultural colleges. Veterinary medicine has been especially emphasized since the war.

Alumni News
( 1942) Iowa State University Digital Repository