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Iowa Farm Science: Volume 13, Issue 7

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Insect and Rodent Prospects for 1959
( 1959) Gunderson, Harold ; Raun, Earle ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Insect outbreaks depend a lot on the weather that occurs during the crop season. Temperature, rainfall, soil moisture and humidity are all important. Depending on weather, here's the forecast for 1959.

Crop Varieties for 1959
( 1959) Johnson, I. ; Bragonier, W. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Modern crop production methods call for a combination of many factors to maximize farm returns. One of the important decisions you make each year is the choice of crops and varieties that best fit into your total farming operation. And this choice may depend on many factors.

Farm Custom Rates for 1959
( 1959) Armstrong, Ray ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Farm custom work- hiring, doing or exchanging services- offers several possibilities for cutting machinery costs in 1959. And the 1959 Iowa Farm Custom Rate Guide can help you figure your custom work costs.

Livestock Disease Outlook -- 1959
( 1959) Herrick, John ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Last year saw some definite progress in overcoming livestock disease problems in Iowa, though there are still weak points and room for improvement. Here are some of the things to think about and to watch for during 1959.

Crop Yield Outlook for 1959
( 1959) Duncan, E. ; Shaw, R. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Weather, and especially rainfall, is the most important factor affecting crop yields in Iowa. The moisture used by crops comes from two sources- crop-season rainfall and soil reserves. How do we stand for 1959?