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Iowa State University Veterinarian: Volume 16, Issue 1

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Studies and Observations on Bovine Mastitis. II. Catalase Test For Mastitis
( 1954) Maddy, Keith ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Infectious bovine mastitis is one of the major diseases plaguing the livestock industry today. Although there are several good therapeutic agents for eliminating many of the infectious organisms from cows' udders, a major problem which still remains is a quick, accurate, easy, on the spot test to determine the presence or absence of mastitis.

Student News
( 1953) Iowa State University Digital Repository
Episioplasty In The Broodmare
( 1954) Hensley, Robert ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Episioplasty or plastic repair of the vulvo-perineal region is indicated in the case of the barren broodmare whose infertility is due to faulty conformation in this region or to vulvar defects. By means of this relatively simple operation, otherwise useless mares may be returned to the ranks of valuable producers.

Faculty News
( 1954) Iowa State University Digital Repository
Cystic Calculus in a Pekingese
( 1954) Shey, Jerry ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

On Sept. 30, 1953, a three-year-old Pekingese female was admitted to Stange Memorial Clinic. She was emaciated, depressed and appeared toxic with a history of being sick periodically for the past two years. She had been treated several times for a kidney infection by a local veterinarian. Her owner noticed a hematuria along with frequent and scanty urination, and thought she could feel a stone in the abdominal area. Palpation of the abdomen revealed a large circumscribed mass in the region of the bladder; fluoroscopy disclosed a cystic calculus. Because kidney infection was suspected, a blood urea deterimination was made and found to be 172 mg. per 100 cc. of blood.