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Granulomatous Inflammation of Domestic Mammals
( 1951) Runnells, R. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

When you began the study of inflamation in your sophomore year you were given a detailed description of the histopathological changes which occur throughout this defensive reaction of the body against an irritant. In that introduction to inflammation you became acquainted with the acute non-suppurative form of the process. From that first description it was easy and logical to go on to a detailed account of the alterations which occur in the tissues in chronic nonsuppurative inflammation. After that it was not difficult to add the special tissue reactions which appear in acute and chronic suppurative inflammation. After disposing of non-suppurative and supparative inflammation there remained a third type which called for special consideration. It was granulomatous inflammation. This type of reaction called for special handling because it appeared so different from the other two types.

Extensive Growth of the Hooves of a Shetland
( 1951) Jensen, Loyd ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A spotted Shetland pony, 10 years of age, was brought to Stange Memorial Clinic on Aug. 12, 1950. This Shetland pony had engorged itself on corn in Sept. 1949. The front hooves had grown extremely long and were curved upward in such a manner that the bottom or walking surface of the shoe was parallel to the ground, but upside down. The pony was very lame and walking was awkward and painful.

Disease Problems in A Dog Nutrition Laboratory
( 1951) McCay, Clive ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The study of disease and pathology forms an inseparable union with research in nutrition. A nutrition laboratory usually devotes part of its attention to the production and cure of disease. Four centuries ago when men were discovering the first vitamin, namely C, it was found that men suffered from bleeding gums, loose teeth and failure of broken bones to mend. If such men were given foods containing vitamin C such as sorrel, scurvy grass, lime juice or pine needle tea, it was found that these symptoms disappeared and the scurvy was cured.

Notes From the Book of Experience
( 1951) Wilson, Mrs. F. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Realizing that you, the reader, might not be intrested in a biography, I talked to a number of wives of successful practicing veterinarians and I am editing their contributions in my desire to give you, as wives and prospective wives, a few helpful hints.

Cryptorchidism in the Horse
( 1951) Carmen, Grant ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The emasculation of various members of the animal kingdom to suit the convenience and needs of mankind has been practiced for unknown centuries. Egyptians, Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans and the ancient Jews possessed this knowledge and Moses spoke of it in the Bible - Leviticus, Chapt. XXII, Verse 24.