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Iowa Farm Science: Volume 22, Issue 4

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Home Fire Alarms - Helpful?
( 1967-10-01) Wardle, Norval ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

A home fire alarm system can help make your home more safe. But most important is to correct any fire hazards before there is trouble.

Iowa Farm Science Vol. 22, No. 4
( 1967-10-01) Extension and Experiment Station Publications
Home Wiring Needs
( 1967-10-01) Van Zante, Helen ; Harding, Virginia ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Houses wired 20 years or more ago are not likely equipped for the modern electrical age. If you're buying, building, or remodeling a house, this article will be particularly helpful.

Market News As Near As Your Phone
( 1967-10-01) Nelson, Donald ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

You can obtain the latest market quotations on grain and livestock through a new Iowa State University service. Information is available any time of day or night.

Farm Outlook
( 1967-10-01) Futrell, Gene ; Wisner, Robert ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

The USDA'S August crop report estimated 1967 corn production at 4.65 billion bushels - up 13 percent from last year. Indicated yield per acre was forecast at 75.9 bushels, based on August 1 conditions. An average yield of this size would be a new record and compares with the 1966 yield of 72.1 bushels per acre. Prospective yields were above 1966 levels for Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri but were below last year in the other major Corn Belt states. Final yields could differ considerably from these estimates, and the September crop report (not available at this writing) will provide a better indication of this year's crop prospects.