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Ames Forester: Volume 36, Issue 1

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A Review of the Naval Stores Industry
( 1948) Greneker, Eugene ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Some waggish character once said that only a drinking man could buy gum turpentine. What this wit meant was this; prior to l939 if you desired some turpentine for household uses or small paint jobs, you had to scramble around in the backyard for a container, nine out of every ten times an empty quart bottle of either Bourbon or Scotch. With this you went to the hardware store and obtained your turpentine, your merchant drawing it out of a barrel, which chances are, you didn't see. He had it in pulling anything over on you. That's the way one of Georgia's oldest agricultural products was marketed.

( 1948) Iowa State University Digital Repository
Wood Technologists* in Industry
( 1948) McKean, Herbert ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The vast majority of forestry college graduates, majoring in wood utilization subjects, seek their livelihood in or through employment with private industry. There are many reasons why these men will always feel that they chose wisely in selecting that branch of forestry. Men of ability will unquestionably derive the greatest possible income in private industry. The opportunities of exercising initiative are unexcelled. Their work will almost invariably be stimulating, requiring maximum diligence and ingenuity.

Students Manage a Forest in the Cornbelt
( 1948) Craven, William ; Sapousek, Oliver ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The Holst State Forest, a school forest for forestry students of Iowa State College, located 12 miles northwest of Boone, Iowa, consists of 340 acres of hardwood forest and timber land in all its natural and picturesque beauty.

Consulting Forestry
( 1948) Craven, William ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The profession of forestry has been recognized to date mainly by its activities in government and state forestry, including extension and farm services, and in private business through the employment of foresters for large concerns.