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Farm Science Reporter: Volume 5, Issue 4

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We Have Some Soft Corn
( 1944-10-01) Hughes, H. ; Shedd, C. ; Beresford, Rex ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Many Iowa farms have a lot of soft corn, and most farms have corn with high moisture content to be taken care of this fall. The wet spring and the necessity of replanting many fields made this unavoidable. The problem now is how best to handle it.

Lespedeza Is Here To Stay
( 1944-10-01) Peterson, Maurice ; Hughes, H. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

The legume lespedeza has made a place for itself in southern Iowa by establishing a stand and providing excellent pasture on poor soils where other legumes and grasses have failed. Because of this, in almost any community of southern Iowa lespedeza has come to stay on at least a few farms. Livestock have put their “O. K.” on its value by choosing to graze in those parts of the pasture where it has made its best growth.

Reed Canary Grass
( 1944-10-01) Cheney, H. ; Hughes, H. ; Evans, Marshall ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

We are in need of a grass that is suitable for gully control and for growing in waterways. Reed canary grass seems to be the answer.

Farm Science Reporter Vol. 5 No. 4
( 1944-10-01) Extension and Experiment Station Publications
Waxy Corn In Puddings, Muffins
( 1944-10-01) Lowe, Belle ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Tapioca pudding became mostly a “thing of the past” when the Japanese captured the East Indies. About 93 to 97 percent of our tapioca before the war came from the East Indies with the remainder from Brazil and the Dominican Republic.