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The 1954 Iowa corn yield test Bulletin P: Volume 6, Issue 118

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The 1954 Iowa corn yield test
( 1955-02-01) Hutchcroft, Charles ; Robinson, Joe ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

The Iowa Corn Yield Test has been an annual project of the Iowa Crop Improvement Association since 1920. This test is conducted in cooperation with the Iowa Agricultural Experiment Station. From the very beginning in 1920, the purpose of the test was to provide information to help Iowa farmers select the best-adapted open-pollinated varieties for planting on their farms. The purpose of the test in 1954, 34 years later, is to compare the performance of corn hybrids sold to Iowa farmers and to make this information available to them.

A survey made in 1954, showed that at least 112 companies sold closed-pedigree corn seed in Iowa. In addition, other individuals and companies produce and sell only open-pedigree hybrids. The large number of different hybrids available to the farmer makes it difficult for him to choose the best adapted hybrid corn seed for his farm.

The Iowa Corn Yield Test is designed to help the buyer with this problem.