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Iowa State University Veterinarian: Volume 33, Issue 3

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David Lee Hudson - Thomas John Huerter
( 1971) Iowa State University Digital Repository

A memorial for the lives of two students of the College of Veterinary Medicine, David Lee Hudtson and Thomas John Huerter.

Index to Volume 33
( 1971) Iowa State University Digital Repository

The author and subject index for the issues of Volume 33 of Iowa State University Veterinarian.

Photography for the Veterinarian
( 1971) Hillmann, Daniel ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Photography also provides the professional medical individual, in this case the veterinarian, with an additional recording system. It allows him to adequately record and demonstrate important patient progress (the classical before and after sequence). It provides him with visual emphasis to support written and verbal reports of selected medical-surgical cases.

A Compilation of Data on Feline Nutrient Requirements
( 1971) Taylor, T. James ; Graham, David ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The basis of this compilation is to present the inquisitive with a ready reference for feline nutrition. We will cover the known suggested amounts for each nutrient in prose and in the more readily accessible table form. For additional spice, the known clinical effects for each deficiency and toxicity will also be included. In the last portion of the paper the data will be assimilated into a practical from with suggested stock diets for the cat.

Dr. E. Edward Wedman
( 1971) Ruben, Zadok ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Dr. E.E. Wedman had served as an associate director of the veterinary Medical Research Institute of Iowa State University from 1964 until September 4, 1971, when his resignation became effective. Now, Dr. Wedman is the head of the department of Veterinary Science at Oregon State University.