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Iowa State University Veterinarian: Volume 41, Issue 2

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Book Review: Active Years for Your Aging Dog
( 1979) Rasmussen, Glenna ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Aging is a normal physiological process that need not be accompanied by illness and suffering. This idea is pointed out by veterinarian Bernard S. Hershorn in his book, Active Years for Your Dog, written especially for the concerned owner of an aged, middle-aged, or even a young dog.

Contracture of the Infraspinatus Muscle in the Dog
( 1979) Whitney, David ; Hess, J. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A tentative diagnosis of contracture of the infraspinatus muscle was made in a dog with a foreleg shoulder lameness causing a positional deformity and characteristic abnormal gait in the affected limb. Contracture of the infraspinatus muscle most commonly involves hunting breeds, particularly actively working dogs.

From the Office of the Governor
( 1979) Ray, Robert ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A note from Governor Robert D. Ray congratulating the College of Veterinary Medicine on its centennial anniversary.

The Management of Long Bone Fractures in Birds
( 1979) Westfall, Michael ; Egger, Erick ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

This paper will discuss the difficulties and problems in the management of avian fractures. It will deal with both open and closed reduction of long bone fractures.

Centennial Plans
( 1979) Ramsey, F. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A plan of special activities and objectives to mark the centennial anniversary of the College of Veterinary Medicine.