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Ames Forester: Volume 70, Issue 1

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Undergraduate Students
( 1983) Iowa State University Digital Repository
FPRS Student Chapter
( 1983) Robinson, Sharna ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

In October, 1982, a new student chapter of FPRS (Forest Products Research Society) was chartered here at ISU. The purpose of starting a new FPRS club in the Forestry Department is to bring together students with related interests. The FPRS chapter at ISIT was developed to work together with the SAP student chapter and the Forestry Club to encourage student involvement with forestry-related activities.

The Life and times of Wayne H. Scholtes- A distinguished Professor
( 1983) Thomson, George ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

We dedicate books, issues, and bridges to people we admire, or owe something to, or can profit from--one or the other--seldom all three. This is the exception. Wayne H. Scholtes has left his mark on all of us, and we dedicate the 1983 Ames Forester to him as a token of appreciation for those gifts of student-oriented and good-humored effort unstintingly given.

Just for Fun
( 1983) Clark, Randy ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A simple quiz to test your knowledge of wood products. Match the product on the left with its source on the right. Good luck!

Forestry Staff
( 1983) Iowa State University Digital Repository