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The Iowa Homemaker vol.25, no.1 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 25, Issue 1

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The Iowa Homemaker vol.25, no.1
( 2017-07-19) O'Connor, Jeanne ; Larson, Jean ; Weaver, Polly ; Crawford, Eugenia ; Adams, Doris ; Hudson, Helen ; Riglin, Rosalie ; Schipull, Etha ; Ortgies, Gertrude ; Beck, Philomena ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Keeping Up With Today, Jeanne O’Connor, page 2

Cookbook for Beginners, Jean Larson, page 3

A Call for Foods Writers, Polly Weaver, page 5

Graduate With UNNRA in Greece, page 6

Summer Positions, Eugenia Crawfod, page 8

Army Cook Relates Experiences, page 10

What’s New in Home Economics, Doris Adams, page 12

Vicky Swings Into Spring, Helen Hudson, page 16

Spring Inspires Decoration, Rosalie Riglin, page 18

Across Alumnae Desks, Etha Schipull, page 20

Achieves International Fame, Gertrude Ortgies, page 23

Alums in the News, Philomena Beck, page 24

Army Cook Relates Experiences
( 2017-07-19) Graham, Fred ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Corporeal Fred Graham, Army cook stationed in Italy writes a description of Italian living conditions, wartime customs, food and homes

Summer Positions Afford Experience and Opportunity
( 2017-07-19) Crawford, Eugenia ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Undergraduate women supplement college work with summer positions, says Eugenia Crawford

Vicky Swings into Spring
( 2017-07-19) Hudson, Helen ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Draped skirts, feminine headgear and platform shoes highlight new styles, says Helen Hudson

Alum Publishes Cookbook for Beginners
( 2017-07-19) Larson, Jean ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

"How to Cook," by the homemaking editor of Capper's Farmer, is reviewed by Jean Larson