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Children as Helpers
( 2017-03-17) Field, Hope ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Mary!" mother calls, "come wipe the dishes." "Oh, mother, we're playing hide-and-seek!" Mary protests. But little five-year old John Henry exclaims eagerly, "Mother, c'n I, c'n I? I'll wipe 'em dry!"

Radiators-Less Gilt and More Heat
( 2017-03-17) Russell, Mabel ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Do you know, Mrs. Housekeeper and Mr. Money Earner, that it costs more to heat radiators that are bronze or gilt or aluminum colored than it does radiators painted with ordinary paint or enamel?

The Youthful Guest
( 2017-03-17) Rayburn, Esther ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

As long as there are children there will be guests. Grownups might stop visiting one another but the child will visit as long as there is anything to visit. He is too curious and adventurous to ever stop probing the depths of the neighbor's house. Thus it is that whenever a new family moves into the neighborhood the children all know everything about the new family-what they have in the house, what thev all look like. and even a few of the family secrets long before their less curious parents ever do. It is. because of this that children are the real guests of the world.

Forgive Us This Day Our Idiosyns
( 2017-03-17) Lord Murphy, Eda ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Our sins of omission and commission have long been on our minds, but the little annoying personal traits, which for a better word we shall call "idiosyns," have always seemed justifiable. They do not appear important enough to be forgiven, (except daily and hourly by a more or less loving family.)

From "Third Floor Back" to Front Line Rank - Growth of Home Economics at Iowa State
( 2017-03-17) Jordan, Clara ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

From a room, third-floor back, and tucked far away in the rear of one of the dormitories, to the long two staired red brick building now standing, is a scale by which the progress of home economics at Iowa State College may be measured. Standing as it does the best and most famous of all schools offering collegiate courses in home economics, Iowa State presents an interesting aspect in reviewing the history of its growth, progress and development.