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Tractor plow adjustment and operation Bulletin P: Volume 4, Issue 95

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Tractor plow adjustment and operation
( 1948-11-01) Hull, Dale ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Plowing is an art, and good plowing is the pride of every farmer. A good job of plowing is apparent even to the casual observer.

A well-adjusted plow will do better work, have lighter draft, give less wear on plow parts, and will make the tractor easier to operate than a poorly set plow. Most plows are received from the factory “knocked down,” and must be set up and adjusted before being used. Variations in plowing conditions may make frequent plow adjustments necessary. Most modern tractor plows have all adjustments necessary to set the plow properly. When properly set, a plow should do a good job under usual plowing conditions. If a poor plowing job is done with a tractor plow, it is usually traceable to improper adjustment or extremely unfavorable plowing conditions. In most cases, failure to do first-class plowing results from careless adjustments or lack of knowledge as to how to set the plow.

Because of the many different kinds of mounted plows, this bulletin deals principally with the “pulled” type moldboard tractor plow.