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The Iowa Homemaker vol.12, no.5 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 12, Issue 5

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She Comes From Stockholm...
( 2017-05-10) Soth, Kathryn ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Living in Margaret Hall is a very new experience for Ruth Stjerner, the girl from Stockholm, Sweden, who is spending a year on our campus. At Swedish colleges, she says, there are no dormitories for either men or women, with the exception of a few maintained by associations, scattered here and there. The student usually rents a room in a private house, where he or she has little or no connection with the family.

Who Likes Cheese?...
( 2017-05-10) Stover, Margaret ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Would you wear a straw hat from January to January? Would you have rows of shoes in you close - all the same color, year after year? Of course not! You wouldn't be guilty of such a thing in a thousand years - not if you knew it! Yes - unless you are one woman in a thousand - you've been guilty of something very much like it.

What's in an Egg...
( 2017-05-10) Gebhard Snyder, Clara ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

This is the second in a series of stories written especially for the Homemaker by a prominent alumna. Mrs. Snyder is the director of the Foods and Nutrition Department of the Institute of American Poultry Industries, in Chicago. -The Editor

Cook With the Oven
( 2017-05-10) Burnett, Dorothy ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Fall days are out-of-door days and wise is the housewife who plans her meals so that she will not be tied down with indoor housework. Not only one meal, but additional dishes for succeeding meals may be prepared at one time in the oven, thus economizing on time, fuel, and effort.

Hobble, Hobble, Little Skirt...
( 2017-05-10) Leupold, Hazel ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

"Seven, eight, nine yards!" exclaimed Elsie Iowa State, in 1892. "Ellen, I do believe that my skirt is at least a yard wider than Ida's," she added with satisfaction.