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Iowa State University Veterinarian: Volume 2, Issue 1

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Soybean Oil Meal as a Protein Supplement
( 1939) Simonsen, E. ; Simonsen, D. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The utilization of the products of the soybean plant during the past twenty years has been one of the outstanding achievements of science. In this paper it is our desire to emphasize the value of the soybean and its main product, soybean oil meal.

The Diagnostic Laboratory
( 1939) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Previous to the year 1928 there was no separate diagnostic laboratory at Iowa State Veterinary College. All postmortem examinations at that time were performed by the Veterinary Research Department in the old veterinary research structure which stood on the site of the present Stange Memorial Clinic.

A Fibroma of the Hypophysis of Canis familiaris
( 1939) Venzke, Walter ; Gilmore, James ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Only a few references have been made in the literature concerning hypophyseal tumors in domesticated animals. Nieberle states that tumors of the hypophysis may occur in domesticated animals, and that adenomas are the predominating type. He does not give any indication, however, where these tumors are more fully described, nor in what species they occur. It is because of this situation that the authors feel a description of a fibroma involving the pituitary of a fifteen year old Boston Terrier would be highly beneficial to report.

Alumni News
( 1939) Iowa State University Digital Repository

News on alumni of the Veterinary Division of Iowa State College.

Age Determination in Dogs
( 1939) Barton, Abe ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

In the same manner as in other domestic animals, the age of dogs can be ascertained mainly on the basis of an examination of the teeth. Ordinarily, the adult dog has forty-two teeth: twenty in the upper jaw and twenty in the lower, which are designated as incisors, canines, premolars and molars.