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Tying Up Christmas
( 2017-05-24) Robel, Ann ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Have you ever had a Christmas package so lovely that you looked nt it again and again before your curiosity finally won and you had to open it? Or have yours all been the red-and-green tissue paper variety, with bulging corners? No matter what you've received, why not make the ones you send the lovely kind?

Personalize Your Greeting
( 2017-05-24) Root, Marguerite ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

In the regalia of tinsel and glistening balls and colored lights that characterize the holiday season, greeting cards still claim a spot of the limelight. Over and above the glare that commercialism has given to Christmas, still the person with a hint of the sentimental in her nature has a yen to scatter random samples of the season's best wishes- to revert back to the warm mutual friendliness of "Merry Christmas to Aunt Susie from your only niece- and a Happy New Year too." Christmas just isn't Christmas unless part of the thrill of the season is shared among friends.

Personalities Behind the Titles
( 2017-05-24) Overholt, Ethel ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

"Know Iowa State First" might be the motto of Home Economics students who wish to become better acquainted with the accomplishments and interests of the professors in their division. Limited space makes it impossible to include all the important facts about each professor or even to include all those who should be mentioned in an article of this kind.

Frozen Foods for Zero Weather
( 2017-05-24) Beyer, Harriet ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Wouldn't it be fun to serve fresh asparagus tips with Christmas turkey instead of the traditional peas, beans or carrots? And why not plan to have corn on the cob for a buffet supper some wintry Sunday evening?

Catering to Coeds
( 2017-05-24) Strohmeier, Grace ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Miss Jeanne Strohmeier, Textiles and Clothing Sr., organized the first College Shop for a large department store in Evanston, Illinois, while employed there during the summer months. Her first job was to interest other people in her new project. She had to sell her idea to the manager of the store; she had to sell her idea to the employees for their cooperation and support; and she had to sell her idea to the college students in Evanston.