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Lengthen the Life of Your Furs
( 2017-05-09) Cranor, Katherine ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Since fur problems seem to be every woman's problems this winter, Miss Cranor's Clothing Clinic on Furs, broadcast during the Homemaker's Half Hour from station WOI, comes to us in the nick of time.- The Editor.

S. Africa Trains for Homemaking
( 2017-05-09) Vermeulen, Marie ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Scattered over the miles and miles of South African "veldt" are the farmers living in their quiet homes. The farmer is a cheerful and friendly host to all strangers and travelers, but he must also be a hardworking father to build up, and keep his home going regardless of the hard times caused by drought, locusts and new diseases.

From Hide to Hose...
( 2017-05-09) Flynn, Elizabeth ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Stockings, made of various kinds of materials, have been worn by man since very early times. Our ancestors wrapped dried strips of animals' skins around their legs and feet, much as army men wrap puttees, as a protection from sharp grasses, poison snakes, lizards and the stones underfoot. Later coarse thread was made from barks and roots of trees, and stockings were woven in much the same way as baskets. When man began to spin wool of animals into yarn, the textile industry was born.

The Itch to Write...
( 2017-05-09) Hensel, Carmen ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Do you have an "itch to write" and a "nose for news"?

The Tin Can Family
( 2017-05-09) Goethe, Nellie ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

When purchasing a pair of hose, would you say to the clerk, ''I want a pair that will fit my feet?" Hardly! Instead, you'd specify - ''I want a pair of gun-metal hose-size nine and a half."