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The Iowa Homemaker vol.3, no.3-4 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 3, Issue 3

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Who's There and Where
( 2017-03-31) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Miss Aida Wilson, who writes for this issue of the Iowa Homemaker on interior decoration, graduated from the Civil engineering department in 1895. She is the sister of Mrs. Charles Curtiss, and is now living in Ames doing home architectural work.

Episodes Concerning Evolution of Home Economics
( 2017-03-31) Wilson, Ruth ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Everything has an infancy. It is one of the inevitable laws of a well ordered universe. I wonder sometimes if those of us who evolve so easily, or so otherwisely, thru the courses in cookery, . chemistry, dietetics, or design, ever wonder concerning the babyhood of Home Economics; out of what she grew; when she first stood alone on her two wobbling legs; her uncertain steps.

Extravagant Economies
( 2017-03-31) Ingersoll, Blanche ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A woman on our street who "can't afford" to have her washing clone, spends hours washing out a few things at a time at a considerable expenditure of energy~ She could hire her washing clone by the local "cull'ed lady" for one dollar, and with the same time and energy could save many dolars by inaking her little girl's dresses instead of buying them ready made. Thus her pet economy is in reality an extravagance.

"For a Man's House Is His Castle" - Making the House Liveable
( 2017-03-31) Wilson, Alda ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Many. women spend days planning and selecting their apparel and are much gratified when they receive the commendation of their friends. How much more important and lasting are the results from time and study spent upon securing a comfortable and beautiful home.

Breakfast Bridge
( 2017-03-31) Murray, Eleanor ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Were I a bride, I should want it to be the last day of May that I might have June breakfasts. A tiny painted table, some gay little curtains, a yellow song canary and a bowl of lavender and pink sweet peas would make food a very minor consideration. But even so, ordinary toast would take on a certain -charm if served on the painted table and cinnamon toast and fresh strawberries would be Utopia in breakfasts ..