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Iowa State Journal of Research: Volume 33, Issue 4

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Iowa State College Journal of Science 33.4
( 1959-05-15) Iowa State University Digital Repository

New genera and species of North American Miriae (Hemiptera). Harry H. Knight. 421

Correction of observed ratio for errors associated with ion current collection and amplification in dual collector mass spectrometers. Jennings Capellen and Harry J. Svec. 427

A method of applying extremal methods to problems of electrical resistance. L. Jackson Laslett. 431

Review of Ephemeridae (Ephemeroptera) in the Missouri River watershed with a key to the species. E.W. Hamilton. 443

Responses of rose plants to cane coating with melted paraffin wax. S.J. Toy and J.P. Mahlstede. 475

Seasonal occurrence of Pythium graminicolum on roots of field-grown corn. R.O. Hampton and W.F. Buchholtz. 489