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Iowa State University Veterinarian: Volume 57, Issue 1

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Frank K. Ramsey Alumni Room Designated
( 1995) Iowa State University Digital Repository

The ISU Veterinarian has listed contributors for the Frank K. Ramsey Alumni Room project who had donated to the fund prior to the publication in previous issues. The College, ISU Veterinary Medical Alumni Association, friends and family of Dr. Ramsey thank the following contributors for their support of the Frank K. Ramsey project since the last acknowledgement of supporters. Future issues of the ISU Veterinarian will continue to acknowledge those who contribute after this publication.

Dictyocaulus Viviparus in an Iowa Dairy Cow
( 1995) Al-Qudah, Khaled ; Greve, John ; Wass, Wallace ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Dictyocaulus viviparus, the lungworm of cattle, is not commonly diagnosed as a clinical entity in cattle native to Iowa. The parasite is sporadically distributed throughout North America, however, and cases do occasionally occur in the upper Midwest with serious clinical consequences and apparent overwintering of the larval forms. Lungworm infection should be considered as a diagnostic possibility in cases of chronic respiratory disease that do not respond to therapy for other types of infection. The disease can be diagnosed by identifying larval forms in feces by the Baermann technique or by finding adults in the respiratory system at necropsy. A field case from an Iowa dairy herd is described.

What's Your Radiographic Diagnosis
( 1995) Riedesel, Elizabeth ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A two year old Quarter Horse gelding presented for evaluation of a previous vague lameness in the left hind leg. The horse was not lame at presentation. A radiographic survey of the tarsal and metatarsal region was made.The lateral-medial view shows a linear radiolucency coursing 'from proximal to distal within the dorsal cortex of metatarsal three (MT3) at the junction of its proximal and rniddle thirds. This lucency is identified as a vertically oriented line in the dorsoplantar view. At the endosteal level there is a slight bulging effect to the endosteal contour, but the margin is distinct. Additional oblique views and bright light viewing did not reveal associated soft tissue swelling or periosteal new bone. It is noted that the typical nutrient foramen is absent in the plantar cortex.

( 1995) Iowa State University Digital Repository

This article contains news pertaining to members of the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Annual Meeting Iowa State University Veterinary Medical Alumni Association
( 1995) Hartwig, Nolan ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The annual meeting was held at the Marriott Hotel, Des Moines at noon on January 29, 1995. Forty-eight members attended. President Randy Wheeler, after making the introductions, turned the meeting over to Nolan Hartwig, Secretary/Treasurer. Hartwig remarked on the stability of the Iowa State University Veterinary Medical Alumni Association while citing changes that have taken place at Iowa State University and the College of Veterinary Medicine. He asked the membership to phone or write in suggestions regarding the ISUVMAA. Hartwig stated that the members review the treasurer's report. The membership gave a round of applause in thanks for John and Joan Kluge's work on the alumni room and Hartwig compared the Physical Plant bid with the actual cost of renovating the room. The board recommended continuing selling the Gentle Doctor pins and depositing the balance of the Alumni Room project fund in a special account for further acquisitions and maintenance for this room. The Treasurer's report was unanimously passed.