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Iowa State Journal of Research: Volume 49, Issue 3

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Iowa State Journal of Research 49.3
( 1975-02-01) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Brindley, T.A., K.M. Milton, and W.D. Guthrie. European corn borer: a bibliography 1925-1973. 217

Netusil, A.J. Improving conceptual knowledge and procedures in educational statistics. 255

Powell, E.C. The ultrastructure of the excretory bladder in the supposed anepitheliocystid cercariae of Posthodiplostomum minimum (McCallum, 1921). 259

Conference on Intensive Culture of Forest Crops.

Prestemon, D.R. Preface to conference on intensive culture of forest crops. 263

Nelson, A.W. Jr. Summary of keynote address: Why consider intensive culture? 265

Gordon, J.C. The productive potential of woody plants. 267

Bentley, W.R. Economic environment of intensive culture. 275

Dawson, D.H. Are cultural methods available to maximize yields? 279

Dickmann, D.I. Plant materials appropriate for intensive culture of wood-fiber in the North Central Region. 281

White, E.H. and D.D. Hook. Establishment and regeneration of silage plantings. 287

Boyle, J.R. Nutrients in relation to intensive culture of forest crops. 297

Mace, A.C. Jr., and H.M. Gregersen. Evaluation of irrigation as an intensive cultural practice for forest crops. 305

Urie, D.H. Nutrient and water control in intensive silviculture on sewage renovation areas. 313

Heiligmann, R.B. Weed control for the intensive culture of short rotation forest crops. 319

Schultz, R.P. Intensive culture of southern pines: maximum yields on short rotation. 325

Belanger, R.P.,and J.R. Saucier. Intensive culture of hardwoods in the South. 339

DeBell, D.S. Short-rotation culture of hardwoods in the Pacific Northwest. 345