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The home lawn Bulletin P: Volume 3, Issue 80

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The home lawn
( 1946-04-01) Lantz, H. ; Grove, L. ; Sylwester, E. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

A well-graded, fresh, green lawn is the first requirement for the home grounds planting. A fine lawn gives the family physical comfort. We often get our most satisfying relaxation on a soft, cool, well-kept lawn. Every family can have a good lawn by following the simple directions given in this bulletin.

You reap what you put into the lawn at the beginning. A properly made lawn will cost you less money to maintain. It is very important that thought be given to the proposed lawn area from the standpoint of soil drainage, organic matter content and fertility. Above all, start with a good soil foundation. Then select an approved grass seed mixture and do the seeding at the right time.