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The Iowa Homemaker vol.18, no.7 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 18, Issue 7

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The Iowa Homemaker vol.18, no.7
( 2017-05-24) Hanke, Vega ; Helser, Jane ; Dodds, Katherine ; Marks, Ruth ; Detjen, Doris ; Johnson, Nina ; Graves, Harriet ; Pettinger, Marjorie ; Stock, Roberta ; Backman, Charlotte ; Strohmeier, Grace ; Wells, Audrey ; Cannon, Winnifred ; Sheridan, Margaret ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Education Comes from Within by Vega Hanke, page 1

Dining in a Diner by Jane Helser, page 2

Oh Say, Can You Ski by Katherine Dodds, page 3

Elective Returns by Ruth Marks, page 4

Good Looking Pottery Goes to Lunch by Doris Detjen, page 5

Schooling for Homemaking by Nina Johnson, page 6

Spring Tonic for Style by Harriet Graves, page 7

What’s New in Home Economics edited by Marjorie Pettinger, page 8

Personality Class by Roberta Stock, page 10

College Loans by Charlotte Backman, page 11

Alums in the News by Grace Strohmeier, page 12

Run Down Your Budget by Audrey Wells, page 13

Behind Bright Jackets edited by Winnifred Cannon, page 14

For Feet’s Sake by Vega Hanke, page 15

Wardrobe Reform by Margaret Sheridan, page 16

Keeping Posted by the editor, page 17

For Feet's Sake
( 2017-05-24) Hanke, Vega ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A beautiful hostess was once criticized for wearing low-heeled shoes with an elaborate afternoon gown. She replied: "I prefer that ·my face · should express the comfort that my feet feel, rather than that my feet ·should look fashionable. Between lines in my face and lack of style in my heels, I choose the latter."

Wardrobe Reform
( 2017-05-24) Sheridan, Margaret ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Do you feel that you can't face your wardrobe every morning when you wake up and wonder everlastingly what you're going to wear? Perhaps you've already stretched an agonized budget close to its elastic limits.

Dining in a Diner
( 2017-05-24) Helser, Jane ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Gone are the days when Mrs. Jones packed an elaborate box lunch for Susie and Bobby to eat on the train when they went to visit Grandma. Gone are the odorous banana peels and greasy fingers from fried chicken. Gone are the stains on the cushion where Bobby upset his pure homemade lemonade. Now the Joneses eat in the air-conditioned dining car, and-take the service for granted.

Are you at the head or foot of Personality Class?
( 2017-05-24) Stock, Roberta ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

What is it which no one is without and which many do not know they have? It's personality. Personality has come to be used more and more to describe the effects which a person's traits have upon others.