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Fall 2012 Ethos: Volume 2013, Issue 1

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( 2015-05-14) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Contains, "4 things you shouldn't post on Instagram", "Don't be the person who...", and "What I Wish I would've Known as a Freshman".

Front Matter
( 2015-05-14) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Contains "Cover", "Editors", "Table of Contents", and "Letter from the Editor".

New Villagers
( 2015-05-14) Musgrove, Will ; Moore, Katy ; Barker, Brooke ; Morton, Nicholas ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

It was a gorgeous day in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Brooke Barker, senior in management and international business, kayaked to the Island of Lokrum, the wind blew through her hair as she paddled to keep up with the group. Upon reaching the island, she began the trek to the top, where she ran into some local daredevils preparing to jump into the deep blue water of the Adriatic Sea 35 feet below. Intrigued, Brooke decided to join them.

Crowded Campus: Where is the money going?
( 2015-05-14) Elveru, Emily ; Ferguson, Mackenzie ; McKinney, Kait ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Fifty long minutes of class have come and gone, students pack up their bags and sling them over their shoulders as they walk out of the classroom and onto the sidewalk. Joining a surplus of other students, they notice campus is more congested this year. Iowa State University’s enrollment of 31,040 students is the highest to date, beating last year’s record by 1,153. “Growth is always positive,” says Warren Madden, Vice President for Business and Finance. “We would much rather deal with the university growing than shrinking.”

Who Do You Think You Are? The Bible Man
( 2015-05-14) O'Brien, Devon ; Parks, Chelsea ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

We watched Keith Darrell preach his heart out, defend his beliefs against unruly passersby and snatched an interview with him during his recent visit to Iowa State.

A question-and-answer column with Keith Darrell.