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The Iowa Homemaker vol.25, no.4 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 25, Issue 4

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Home Economist in Advertising Serves the Consumer
( 2017-07-19) Conquest Campbell, Dorothy ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Dorothy Conquest Campbell, '43, tells how to succeed as a business home economist

Veteran's Wife Assumes Role as College Student and Homemaker
( 2017-07-19) Larson, Jean ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Home economics doesn't end with the day's last class period for Mrs. Richard I. Browning. Cooking, laundering, house-cleaning- these just begin at 4 o'clock for the dark-haired wife of a discharged aerial gunner, who is now an aeronautical engineering student at Iowa State.

( 2017-07-19) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Iowa State women prove that imagination has a practical side, illustrating their resourcefulness by perking up last year's wardrobe and enlivening their rooms, while tucking away additional ideas for future reference.

Navy Personnel Enjoy Hearty Menus at Friley
( 2017-07-19) Stettler, Charlene ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Almost 900 men in navy blue pass through the double serving line in the Friley Hall dining room each mealtime and finish eating in one-half hour, according to Mrs. Dean Hossle, '41, who directs the food service, which is under the management of the Memorial Union. She plans the menus and supervises the kitchen and dining room.

Vicky Anticipates a Social Season
( 2017-07-19) Riglin, Rosalie ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

With the promise of the gayest social season in five years, Vicky is eagerly anticipating her holiday wardrobe. She's finding new voluminous air about clothes this year, achieved with rounded shoulders, nipped-in waists and gathered skirts.