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Iowa State University Veterinarian: Volume 2, Issue 3

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A Case of Dioctophyme Renale in a Dog
( 1940) Dunne, H. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The second case of Dioctophyme renale, the giant kidney worm, to be reported in the state of Iowa was found in a dog being used in a surgery class at Iowa State College, February 8, 1940.

Vitamins In Poultry Nutrition
( 1940) Wilke, H. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The field of knowledge on the subject of vitamins in poultry nutrition has become too broad to be covered adequately in one short paper. The practicing veterinarian is concerned chiefly with the symptoms of the various avitaminoses, differential diagnosis, methods of prevention and practical sources of the various vitamins to be used in either prevention or alleviation of the syndromes of each. In this paper, an attempt will be made to present some of this information in very brief form.

Bovine Dystocia Due to Bicornual Pregnancy
( 1940) Beardmore, Howard ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Dystocia in the dairy cow is by no means a new topic of discussion. Every general practitioner has at times been confronted with this condition, and is familiar with the problems pertaining thereto. It is not the purpose of this paper to enter into a treatise on this subject, but rather to present a case which we feel merits the attention of our colleagues.

A Retained Placenta in a Mare
( 1940) Simonsen, D. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

On Feb. 20, 1940, a nine year old Percheron mare was admitted to the Iowa State College Veterinary Clinic. The mare had aborted nine hours previous to her admission to the clinic and was suffering from retention of fetal membranes.

Famous Individuals in the History of the Jersey and Holstein-Friesian Breeds
( 1940) Welch, James ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The Jersey and Holstein are the most popular breeds of dairy cattle in America. Only the efforts of many men with outstanding animals or groups of animals have made it possible for the attainment of this high level in the dairy world. In the following account, a few of the famous animals will be discussed with reference to their value in the building of the breed.