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Ames Forester: Volume 84, Issue 1

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Society of American Foresters
( 1997) Holstein, Gretchen ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The student chapter of the Society of American Foresters (SAF) at Iowa State University had another busy year. The chapter was able to attend the state meeting last fall in the Amana Colonies which was a spin-off of the Seventh American Forest Congress. The meeting had SAF members from the states of Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa. Former National President Robert Bosworth, and current Vice-President Bill Banzhaf also attended and shared their thoughts on the results of the Congress and where SAF needs to go from there. The student chapter also attended the spring meeting in Marshalltown with the Iowa's Wildlife Society. Both meetings allowed the students to interact with forestry professionals from around the state and get a feeling for what types of careers are possible.

Fall Camp 1997 - Mark Twain National Forest
( 1997) Hartman, Heather ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Bright and early Sunday, October 12, 1996, 33 students and two instructors set out in cars, a truck, and vans: destined for a land full of promise, education, and trees. Steven Jungst and Richard Hall were those instructors and the students were the newest group of Forestry Fall campers. The place we were headed was Mark Twain National Forest in southern Missouri. The camp, run by the University of Missouri, was located at Poplar Bluff in the heart of the Mark Twain National Forest.

Forestry Conclave - 1996
( 1997) Holstein, Gretchen ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

This year's Conclave, sponsored by Michigan Tech., was held on September 20-22 at the Ford Forestry Center located near Alberta, Michigan. Those who made the trip enjoyed a sneak preview of the fall colors. It was a 12 hour drive north, which was nothing compared to the 22 hours it took the team from Missouri to get there.

Community Forestry Urban and Community Forestry: Opportunities and Challenges
( 1997) Thompson, Janette ; Thompson, Janette ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Community Tree Management" (Forestry 475) became a regular course offering two years ago in the Department of Forestry at Iowa State University. "Urban Forestry" seminars/ special topics courses had sporadically been offered during the l 980's in response to student and faculty interest in the subject. A regular course offering in this area was added to the curriculum to provide essential background and experience for the growing number of students that are employed (both during their years at Iowa State University. and after graduation) in various aspects of urban and community forestry.

Ames Forester Vol. 84
( 1997) Iowa State University Digital Repository

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