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In Honor of Dr. George R. Fowler Iowa State University Veterinarian: Volume 23, Issue 2

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Student Reading Room
( 1961) Stocker, Jack ; Oak, Jack ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The student reading room is the private library for the veterinary students: It consists of collections of books and magazines purchased by student funds, donations, memorial gifts and complimentary subscriptions obtained by the Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association at Iowa State University. The committee attempts to obtain all commonly used books and magazines for use by the students. The availability of these texts, magazines and reference books is of value to the students for assigned outside readings and for browsing in the minutes available between classes and other spare time.

The Past and the Future of Veterinary Education, Part One: A View of the Past
( 1961) Tyler, David ; Davison, Fred ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Although the practice of the veterinary art extends back to the earliest beginnings of civilization, it has only been during comparatively recent times that the education of veterinarians has been conducted along formal lines. The first veterinary school was founded at Lyons, France, in 1761. Following the example set by France, schools of veterinary medicine were soon organized in several other European countries.

Specimens For Laboratory Diagnosis
( 1961) Seaton, Vaughn ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Requests for laboratory aid in diagnosis of field cases are becoming more numerous and of a more varied nature. The advent of previously unrecognized disease conditions, as well as the increased knowledge of diagnostic aids in older recognized disease conditions, makes laboratory procedures a more vital part of everyday practice.

Alumni News
( 1961) Iowa State University Digital Repository
Faculty News
( 1961) Iowa State University Digital Repository