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Iowa State University Veterinarian: Volume 36, Issue 2

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Drug Interactions
( 1974) Eckhoff, Gary ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Rapid advances in research in basic pharmacology and the productivity of the pharmaceutical industry have resulted in the introduction of man new drugs for the veterinary profession. The availability of large numbers of drugs has stimulated their concomitant use with the hope that maximum therapeutic effectiveness will be achieved.

Apicoetomy and Root Canal Therapy of Canine Teeth in the Dog
( 1974) Sick, Fred ; DeYoung, D. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

When the root canal of the canine tooth of a dog is exposed due to wear or fracture, the result may be abscessation, bone resorption, and evulsion of the alveolus. The tooth must be extracted or endodontic therapy may be performed to restore the root canal. Techniques are described to stabilize both maxillary and mandibular canine teeth through root canal restoration and apicoectomy to seal the apex of the root and prevent future infection and abcessation.

Canine Insulinoma (A Case Report)
( 1974) Schellenberger, Carl ; Carithers, Robert ; Denhart, James ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Canine Insulinoma is a disease of old dogs which results from a functional neoplasm involving the beta cells of the islets of Langherhans of the pancreas. These are the same cells that are involved in diabetes mellitus where insulin production is decreased instead of increased. The insulinoma dog is usually admitted with signs of weakness, ataxia, restlessness, ravenous appetite, and convulsions.

Prostaglandins - A Promising Future
( 1974) Hazlett, Jeaneyl ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Prostaglandins were discovered almost forty years ago, but their elucidation physiologically is in its infancy today. It was only in 1957 that the first prostaglandin, PGF1-alpha, was crystallized from sheep seminal vesicles. By 1966, all of the known fourteen natural prostaglandins had been synthesized from commercially available materials. Research data has been compiled at a remarkable rate during the last three to five years.

Acute nephritis in the canine Due to Leptospirosis (A Case Report)
( 1974) Broberg, Randall ; Carithers, Robert ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The case report presented demonstrates the protean nature of leptospirosis and the absolute dependence on either cultural or serological evidence o the disease for definitive diagnosis.