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The Iowa Homemaker vol.31, no.8 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 31, Issue 8

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Liberal Arts or Home Economics?
( 2017-08-10) Hays, Helen ; Voss, Nancy ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Helen Hays, a senior student in speech pathology at the University of Iowa, tells us why she chose a liberal arts school. She is a member of Mortar Board and was recently chosen honorary colonel to reign over the University of Iowa's Military Ball. After she is graduated this spring, Helen is planning to work in the East.

The specialized home economics school is more desirable to Nancy Voss, and here she tells us why. Nancy is a junior in the Department of Technical Journalism at Iowa State College and is taking her minor in Foods and Nutrition. She plans to combine writing with homemaking after she is graduated a year from June.

The Iowa Homemaker vol.31, no.8
( 2017-08-10) Legg, Carol ; Gould, Beverly ; Pitzer, Mary ; Hays, Helen ; Voss, Nancy ; Short, Barbara ; Bornschein, Darleen ; Owen, Dorothy ; Goul, Jean ; Cornwell, Constance ; LaRue, Harriet ; McGhie, Jean ; Anderson, Ruth ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

High Schoolers’ Have a Key to College, Carol Dee Legg, page 7

Save Seconds, Cents and Square Inches, Beverly Gould, page 8

Home Economics School “Down Under”, Mary Kay Pitzer, page 9

Liberal Arts or Home Economics?, Helen Hays and Nancy Voss, page 10

A Career for You, Staff members, page 12

Start Your Own Art Career, Barbara Short, page 18

Pace-Setter Kitchens, Darleen Bornschein, page 20

Vacation at Veishea, Dorothy Owen, page 21

The Student’s Voice, Jean Goul, page 22

What’s New, Constance Cornwell and Harriet LaRue, page 24

Information Please, Jean McGhie and Darleen Bornschein, page 28

Luggage Trends, Ruth Anderson, page 30

Home Economics School "Down Under"
( 2017-08-10) Pitzer, Mary ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Let's take a long trip to that far away country of Australia. Known to many Americans only as the home of kangaroos and koala bears, this country has somethign to teach us in presenting home economics to future homemakers.

Save Seconds, Cents and Square Inches
( 2017-08-10) Gould, Beverly ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Been running low on those three commodities, time, money and space lately? Almost everyone does at one time or another. Try working a few of these suggestions, collected from people who always seem to have the situation under control, into your own daily plan. Yes, we said a daily plan. Whether it be written or entirely in your head, a plan for the day is the first essential for saving time.

Start Your Own Art Career
( 2017-08-10) Short, Barbara ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

There's a big market for art originals ... weaving . . . block printed and silk screened textiles ... ceramics ... as can be seen by the success stories of artists who have created and marketed their work by themselves. To you art majors who enjoy crafts work, they say ...