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Quarter System or Semester System?
( 1956) Bredahl, Noel ; Lebuhn, Dave ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

MOST STUDENTS favor the quarter system. They offer two main arguments: They "like to be able to go home at Christmas and not have to worry about tests" and they want the greater variety of courses possible under the quarter system...

( 1956) Trout, Corky ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

THE dancers stood in a circle around the room, clapping their hands, their bodies swaying to the beat of the drums. But all eyes were on the black boy in the center...

Four Plus One is Five
( 1956) Norberg, Robert ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

IT WAS bitter cold as the three waited on the platform for Max's train. Ben pulled up the collar of his overcoat and drew his head in, turtle-fashion...

Mrs. Pedersen
( 1956) Stoddard, Mary ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

MRS. PEDERSEN opened the kitchen door and pulled XvJL j^p w o r n bathrobe closer around her. It was still early. The room was hazy gray in the early morning light. The work counters loomed shadow-like. The pots and pans hanging from overhead were non-descript jagged lumps. There wasn't a sound from the sleeping sorority girls up-stairs...

( 1956) Hightshoe, Sara ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

We light our fire As the last rays of the sun Disappear from the sky. Hastily we gather Feathery pine boughs To pad the ground Where we will sleep...