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The Iowa Homemaker vol.22, no.7 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 22, Issue 7

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I'm a Homemaking Jill-of-all-trades
( 2017-07-18) Keppy, Anna ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Anna Keppy, '41, declares that the job of county home economists is bigger than ever in wartime

Who's Who on the Campus
( 2017-07-18) Brown, Grace ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Campus honoraries, like future professional successes, bring awards to the Iowa State women who achieve scholastic and activity recognition.

The Iowa Homemaker vol.22, no.7
( 2017-07-18) Brainard, Virginia ; White, Eleanor ; Curley, Joyce ; Springer, Mary ; Horton, Helen ; Brown, Grace ; Dudgeon, Eileen ; Keppy, Anna ; Loofe, Marian ; Sullivan, Mary ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Keeping Up With Today, Virginia Brainard, page 2

Dear Homemaker Staff, Ensign Eleanor White, page 3

American Schools Hit Wartime Stride, Joyce Curley, page 5

Vicky Dame Fashion… and You, Mary Lou Springer, page 6

What’s New in Home Economics, Helen Horton, page 8

Who’s Who on the Campus, Grace Brown, page 10

We Recommend, Eileen Dudgeon, page 11

I’m a Homemaking Jill-of-all-trades, Anna Keppy, page 12

Notions Department, Marian Loofe, page 14

Across Alumnae Desks, Mary Ellen Sullivan, page 15

American Schools Hit Wartime Stride
( 2017-07-18) Curley, Joyce ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Joyce Curley tells how public school children are taking an active part in war's activities

Notions Department
( 2017-07-18) Loofe, Marian ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Ingenious is the word for Iowa State women as wartime shortages and rationing bring out resourceful ideas for getting the most wear from clothes and materials.