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Iowa State Journal of Research: Volume 54, Issue 2

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Iowa State Journal of Research 54.2
( 1979-11-01) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Ferkiss, V. Foreword. 161

Kranzberg, M. Technology the civilizer. 163

Multhauf, R.P. What the chemists found in Pandora's box: a brief history of the chlorinated hydrocarbons.. 175

Garside, P.L. Innovation and social values: The example of France, Britain and the United States in the nineteenth century, 185

Huang, S. Changing Taiwanese peasants' concept of time: Its impact on agricultural production. 191

Patten, S.E. The primacy of structure over event: The case of the Tallensi of Northern Ghana. 201

Solomon, T.J. "The supreme consideration is man": Gandhi's critique of modern technology. 209

Schmidt, S.W. Technology, culture and development in Latin America. 217

Robinson, W.S. Technology and values: Some preliminary clarifications. 241

Amelinckx, F.C. Man machines and moral order: Technology and values in French romanticism. 249

Folsom, J.K. Magic and technology as opposing values in science fiction.. 257

Benson, D. Zen and art of motorcycle maintenance: Technology re-valued. 267

Schlegel, R. Technology and its values. 275. Hollinger, R. On some moral objections to technology. 283

Ferkiss, V. Technology and values: From dialectic toward synthesis. 291