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Make your kitchen modern Bulletin P: Volume 4, Issue 92

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Make your kitchen modern
( 1948-08-01) Shank, Naomi ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Your kitchen is your work center and the heart of your home. You’re likely to spend more hours there than in any other part of the house. So plan it for your convenience. Even an old kitchen can be rearranged to cut down walking and lifting, stretching and stooping. Plan your hours in the kitchen to be pleasant ones.

And remember the family. At the very beginning it’s important to get everyone’s cooperation. Have everyone list what he thinks should be a part of the kitchen. Decide together whether most of the meals throughout the year are to be eaten in the kitchen. Will the laundry, food preservation and business records be done in the kitchen ? Then what about a corner with an easy chair for reading and listening to radio market reports?

Seldom can all of your ideas be used in remodeling. Compromises are to be expected, but the final kitchen plan will be influenced by your family’s ideas.