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She Lived in Germany
( 2017-05-16) Laurence, Mabel ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Hitlerism was just beginning in Germany when Rose Marie Allan spent the year of 1931-32 there. Rose Marie attended the German school, Schlosse (castle) Michelbach, near Bei Hall, in the state of Wurttemburg.

In Keeping Your Furs Moth Balls Aren't All
( 2017-05-16) Bartlett, Julia ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Now that you have that long-cherished fur coat, what are you going to do about it? Its first hard winter is almost over and it has several still to go. How many? That all depends on you-on the kind of treatment you give it.

A Woman's Hand in The Fight for World Peace
( 2017-05-16) Brann, Elizabeth ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The conversation at dinner in the dormitory that night centered on the Lindbergh case. Was Hauptmann innocent or guilty? Everyone had an opinion, and for a while ransom notes, wooden ladders and gold certificates were the main topics of interest. Eventually the talk drifted around to our friend Huey from Louisiana, and more opinions flowed freely back and forth across the table.

Keep Your Cow in the Kitchen
( 2017-05-16) Palmer, Isabella ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A cow in the kitchen! Even the most fastidious housekeeper will not object to this one. It is one of the recent devices developed for use in the family kitchen, the cream maker. It is a slim, streamlined machine which fits very well into our modern interiors.

How to Keep in Touch After You've Graduated
( 2017-05-16) Bloedel, Dorothy ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A long, solemn, black-clad line treads slowly across a stage. A solemn, black-clad figure behind the pulpit in the center of the stage hands each black-clad unit in this black-clad line a neat, white cylinder, -and it's all over but the shouting, or the weeping. That, Seniors and others, is graduation.