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Contemplating Inspiration
( 2010-01-01) Hauge, Stephanie ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A moment of sudden inspiration, a moment where every consideration and detail seem to fall into place behind a larger idea, thereby setting the real work into motion. It is the moment that at once brings relief and excitement, confidence and purpose to a project. Design requires inspiration.

Field Chapel
( 2010-01-01) Mahaffey, Max ; Moore, Brian ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

There is a place in our memories reserved for the vernacular and the sacred.

( 2010-01-01) Mahaffey, Max ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

For the past several years Iowa State's Student The handful of us involved with last year's issue Journal of Architecture has put out an annual pub- met at the beginning of this year looking forward lication with a collection of student-written essays to the new publication. We advertised our meetings and select student projects. CORE, as it was called as usual, new members came, and we got down then, sought to showcase exceptional student work to business. Armed with a new outlook on things, and to provide a platform where students from all we recognized the steady improvement in previous levels could have a critical voice within the disci- issues, but also identified the problems and faults pline of architecture.

Powers of Ten
( 2010-01-01) Taylor-Davies, Sean ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Using an 8" x 8" module, students were asked to document a particular site at several different scales - or zooms - starting with a bird's eye view and ending inside of a single residential unit.

Fixation on Conceptual Systems
( 2010-01-01) Garner, Tristan ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Concept is driven into our line of thought beginning day one of our architectural education.