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Winter 2013 Ethos: Volume 2014, Issue 2

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Friend or Beau?
( 2015-05-19) De Graaf, Leah ; Vo, Tam ; Zabel, Liz ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

We’ve seen it in romantic comedies, sitcoms and even on this season of “The Bachelor.” Friends of the opposite sex either become Mr. and Mrs. Chandler Bing or are sent home at the Rose Ceremony. But what about in between? Can friends that move ahead romantically go back to being just friends?

Who Do You Think You Are? Richard Deyo
( 2015-05-19) O'Brien, Devon ; Eilers, Becky ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Surely one of the most well-known citizens of Ames, Richard Deyo separates himself with one key detail: no one knows him by name, but rather “skirt man” or “Santa.” We spent some time with Richard to get his full story, here’s the first glance.

A question-and-answer column with Richard Deyo.

Lightning Strikes: M & K
( 2015-05-19) Gilman, Abby ; Hammes, Teryn ; Mannion, Jonathan ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Indie-dance duo Matt & Kim have wasted no time in the new year: They kicked off a national tour alongside Passion Pit last month, played the legendary Madison Square Garden and saw their fourth studiorelease, Lightning, make it on “must” lists from Entertainment Weekly and Complex magazines—and for good reason. From the determined “Not That Bad” to the danceready single “Let’s Go,” Lightning, produced in their Brooklyn bedroom, follows in true Matt & Kim fashion with giddy beats and playful lyrics. A departure from Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino’s widely-successful 2010 release Sidewalks, “I Wonder” offers new arrangements and tests ideas borrowed from hip-hop and pop chart-toppers. We caught up with Matt to discuss the new album, the art of not-perfect music and streaking through Times Square.

Quick Cash
( 2015-05-19) Wettengel, Matt ; Welch, Jordan ; McKinney, Kait ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

It’s mid-spring semester: That Christmas cash is long gone, bills are still due and spring break is on the horizon. Some major decisions lie ahead, and sorting the crumbs from the change at the bottom of the couch won’t cut it anymore. Should you eat or hit the bars? Or sacrifice both and save that money?

Animal Collective
( 2015-05-19) Wettengel, Matt ; Vo, Tam ; McKinney, Kait ; Wu, Yue ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Pets are a staple of the American family, but their place in the lives of college students is a little hazy. Whether someone is walking a puppy down the street or someone is flaunting pictures of an adorable new chinchilla, pets are the ultimate source of entertainment. Aside from their fluffiness, playfulness and heart-warming cuteness, pets are personal undertakings that require more than just the T.L.C. their potential owners intend to give them. All pets require time, money and attention, though different animals’ needs vary.