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The Iowa Homemaker vol.4, no.12 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 4, Issue 12

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Electricity in the Home
( 2017-03-31) Fenton, Fred ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

"When I attached my iron today there was a flash; now the iron won't heat, and I couldn't finish my ironing and the lights are off." This is the all too common story of a modern housekeeper, modern in that she lives in a modern house and has modern equipment, but sadly behind the times in her knowledge of electricity and its use in the home.

With the Iowa State Home Economics Association
( 2017-03-31) Talcott, Avis ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Two years ago, when Miss Lita Bane, Executive Secretary of the American Home Economics Association, addressed the Iowa Home Economics Association at their annual meeting, she said, "We have two great American games, 'Let George do it' and 'Pass the Buck'.

Perennials for Perpetual Bloom
( 2017-03-31) Beard, Juanita ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

What a joy to own such a garden where one may watch nature's pageant of color moving on and on-the first little Iris pumila bearing their flags of royal purple; the Oriental poppies, with their flaming torches, marching over the crest of the hill ; the larkspur with steel-blue spears gleaming beneath the noon-day sun and canterburybells with tinkling chimes.

The Home Economics Vodvil
( 2017-03-31) Hull, Thirza ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Friday the thirteenth! I didn't expect to receive any valentines at all on such an unlucky day," said the Valentine Girl as she drew six or seven fluffy valentines out of the mail box and sat down to open them.

Spring Offers Us a Change
( 2017-03-31) Taylor, Margaret ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Is it any wonder that these glorious spring days make us eager to change from our heavy winter attire to fresh, new clothes? There is always the question of what styles are to replace tho~e of the past season. Let us investigate. We are constantly changing, but we surely are no more fickle than the "Mistress of Fashions" herself.