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Iowa Farm Science: Volume 6, Issue 9

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Farm Outlook
( 1952-03-01) Extension and Experiment Station Publications

The 11 percent increase in the number of cattle on feed in the nation on January 1, 1952, will supply enough fed cattle on the market to put pressure on fat cattle prices until probably around May or early June. There is a normal tendency for fat cattle prices to go down during this season of the year as the proportion of the receipts made up of well-finished cattle rise.

Iowa Farm Science Vol. 6, No. 9
( 1952-03-01) Extension and Experiment Station Publications
Reed Canarygrass for Gully Control
( 1952-03-01) Hughes, H. ; Krenzin, Ralph ; Hawk, Virgil ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

For many Iowa farmers, reed canarygrass is most valuable for pasture on poorly drained soils where other palatable grasses won't grow. But for healing and controlling gullies, reed canarygrass is unexcelled.

Bigger Yields From Everbearing Strawberries
( 1952-03-01) Denisen, E. ; Crandall, P. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Many home gardeners and commercial producers of strawberries in Iowa have had discouraging results with everbearing strawberries. One reason is the hot, dry weather we usually have during July and August. Because moisture is short, the late summer crop often consists mostly of small fruits or "nubbins"- sometimes not even worth harvesting.

Nitrogen Carry-Over? More Than You Think!
( 1952-03-01) Dumenil, Lloyd ; Nicholson, R. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Many farmers believe nitrogen fertilizer is rapidly lost from the soil. In some areas it is. But 4 years of tests in Iowa have shown that both nitrogen carry-over and resulting increased yields may be greater than you expect.