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When Easter Comes Eggs Should Be Inspiring!
( 2017-05-16) Vaughn, Marjorie ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

It has been said that eggs are the cement that holds together the castle of cookery, but at Easter time eggs are more than just the cement-they are and must be the piece de resistance.

Six Keys to Radio Jobs
( 2017-05-16) Lawton Wright, Mary ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Every girl who looks with longing eyes toward the field of radio wishes she had a magic key with which to unlock the gates, for she is confident that, once inside, she would be in fairyland. But "being in radio" doesn't mean a life of roses and leisure, or of formal dinners with radio celebrities every evening. No indeed, work is the one thing you are sure to find each day enough to keep you busy full time and often over time.

Try Music's Charm To Fill Vacant Hours
( 2017-05-16) Zoller, Elinor ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Music was always a good extra curricular activity- even be there were such things.

Join the Picnic Parade Cook It Out-of-doors
( 2017-05-16) Griffin, Marjorie ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Whether in youth, middle- or old-age everyone responds vibrantly to warm spring breezes, budding trees, flowers and sprouting green grass-only Nature's intriguing, clever invitations to go into the out-of-doors to either work or play.

If You'd Be Wife to an Artist
( 2017-05-16) Warburton, Therese ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

"To be happy is to forget yourself and when you forget yourself you find yourself," summarized Mrs. Christian Petersen, the wife of the sculptor.